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Horizontal Crushers Robot Wars Wiki Fandom

Huckebein Mkiiitypel | Super Robot Wars Wiki | Fandom

The huckebein mkiii typel mkiiil isanpresto original mecha debuting in super robot wars alpha. part of the huckebein series, it was developed from the huckebein mkii, with its brother unit being the huckebein mkiii typer. it can combine with the am boxer to form huckebein boxer or with the am gunner to form huckebein gunner. the.

Ronin | Battlebots Wiki | Fandom

Ronin wasracked robot that had evolved out ofailed heavyweight, gigan ii, built for the 1997 robot wars event in san francisco. gigan had previously beeneatherweight at robot wars 96. ronin hadodular weapon system, inspired by the master, the bot of former teammate mark setrakian.

The Pms Pulverizer | Banter Wars Wikia | Fandom

The pms pulverizer full name the prime ministers pulverizer wasobot that competed in seriesf banter wars armed withnique and destructive fullbody spinner with four discs. it was also armed with lifting forks to flip the opposing.

Creepy Crawlies | Battlebots Wiki | Fandom

Creepy crawlies waseavyweight multibot designed by veteran builder ian watts, and competed in abc seasonf the battlebots reboot. it was made up of five individual machines, each withifferent personality and name fearwig, cogroach, buzzbot, ladybite and stag. each was designed amp painted to resemble an insect, hence the name creepy crawlies. four of the.

Overkill | Battlebots Wiki | Fandom

Not to be confused with robot wars competitor with the same name. overkill waseavyweight robot that competed in all five televised seasons of comedy centrals battlebots. it was built by the experienced team coolrobots, who has had previous success with their superheavyweight robot minion. overkill wastandard wedgeshaped robot with two large.

Tough As Nails Ned Hw | Robot Combat Wiki | Fandom

Tough as nails, often abbreviated to tan, isutch heavyweight robot armed with two large horizontal crushing and gripping arms. it is one of, if not the most, successful dutch heavyweight robots of all time. despite being over 12 years old, tough as nails is still owned by the team who built it, team kodox. tough as nails has twowheel drive, withlectric motors running on.

Rex | Ultimate Robot Archive Wikia | Fandom

Rex waseavyweight robot that competed in the 1996 us robot wars. it consisted of wheeled chassis with two boxwedge shaped sides andassive pair of horizontal crushing claws mounted on top of the rear of the robot that could also pivot up and down andtatic ramming spike in between each wheel.

Sharkoprion | Battlebots Wiki | Fandom

Sharko formerly known as sharkoprion waseavyweight robot built by veteran competitor edward robinson, which featured in three seasons of the battlebots reboot, most recently discovery season 5. in all of its appearances, it wasong, twowheel drive robot designed to look like the prehistoric helicoprion shark. its armor was unique as it was largely made out of.

Mechagodzilla Super Robot Wars | Vs Battles Wiki | Fandom

Type3 kiryuspecial antigodzilla weapon created by the japanese government using the latest technology based on godzillas bones. there isorm called heavy armed type and high mobility type, this form is heavy armed type. it is equipped withack unit that integratesocket launcher andlight booster, and uses high firepower aseapon.

Chantico | Roblox Robot Wars Wiki | Fandom

Chantico wasobot that competed in all three seasons of roblox robot wars. it did well in every season it fought it, beating seasonutright, and never failing to reach at least the quarterfinals after season 2. chantico was known for its incredible durability, the only matches where it didnt make the three minutes were matches where the opponent broke down. it.

Tough As Nails | Roaming Robots Wiki | Fandom

Tough as nails also known as tan isutch competitor that has fought in the roaming robots events, it has been well known for winning the dutch robotic games in 2003 and also reaching the semifinals of robot wars serieseating panic attack along the way.tough as nails is basicallyet oforizontal crushing jaws on wheels made of hardox, it has done.

Raftclans | Super Robot Wars Wiki | Fandom

The raftclans isictional robot in the super robot wars series. it has appeared aslayable unit in super robot warsnd super robot wars og the moon dwellers. in keeping with the medieval theme of the furyhe raftclans evokes the image ofrmor suit, similar to its predecessor, the vorlent. in the game, the players characters.

Slammo | Battlebots Wiki | Fandom

Slammo! formerly known as slammow! iseavyweight robot built by team danby, which competed in discovery seasonsndf the battlebots reboot. it isourwheel drive robot armed with independently powered lifting and grabbing arms, which are capable of grabbing, lifting and suplexing opponents. depending on its opponent, slammo! has six individual.

Apex Bw | Bugglebots Wiki | Fandom

Apex bw isobot that competed in the first series of bugglebots. the robot ismaller version of apex from robot wars, made fromd printer. it washite boxshaped robot, armed with an overhead spinning bar. winsossespex bw waseetleweight replica of chris danbys heavyweight robot apex, which competed in seriesnd 10 of robot wars.

Reality | Battlebots Wiki | Fandom

Reality waseavyweight robot from the netherlands built byollaboration of dutch roboteers made up of team bonx, metal skull robotics, team kodox and team tierip, which competed exclusively in discovery seasonf the battlebots reboot.. it wasourwheel drive, boxshaped robot which was capable of running both ways up. reality was armored in.

Silver Scorpion | King Of Bots Wiki | Fandom

Not to be confused with scorpion from seasonilver scorpion washinese competitor robot which fought in seasonf king of bots. first appearing in the second episode, it was chosen by tao shen to compete in the opening rounds of the competition, but lost its first battle to reaper onudges decision. in the redemption round, silver scorpion was blown apart by.

End Game | Battlebots Wiki | Fandom

End game isobot built by new zealand representatives oyes robotics, which has competed in every discovery season of the battlebots reboot. it is the reigning battlebots heavyweight champion. armed with powerful vertical spinning weaponry which can hit upwards of 6000rpm in just five seconds, end game is boxy in design and fourwheel drive. though end game.

Kevin | Banter Wars Wikia | Fandom

Kevin wasobot that entered series 1, 1.5,ndf banter wars that usednique weapon system in which it would usetick to stay upright until it would have its teeth above the robot where the stick would release and the whole body would drop teeth first inort of crushing mechanism. despite the unique weaponry, it lost in round one where its high ground.

Gespenst Mkii | Super Robot Wars Wiki | Fandom

The gespenst mkii mkii isanpresto original mecha, debuting in the 4th super robot wars. it is developed from the gespenst and part of the gespenst series. usually, data from it will be used to develop the massproduction gespenst mkii. in all of its appearances, the gespenst mkii serves asuccessor to the gespenst, and the prototype forass.

Gripping Weapons | Robot Wars Wiki | Fandom

Gripping weapons alternatively grippers, crushers or crushing weapons areype of weapon which are primarily used to grab hold of opponents. depending on their size and power, they can also be used to pierce and crush through opponents armour, wheels and internals, as well as to prevent them from driving away when they are being pushed or dragged around the arena.

Banter Wars Wikia | Fandom

Serieska banter wars ii featured robots built by or for youtubers, gametechmods users, and even fellow banter wars wiki users asatter of fact, it was won byanter wars wiki user! seriesad been originally rumored to run on robot arena 2s successor robot arena 3, however the current state and reviews of the game made it.

Psyclone | Fantasy Robot Combat Wiki | Fandom

Psyclone isightweight horizontal spinner, built by gf93 of ice cubed robotics.mall cylindrical design running on four wheel drive for good stability, it was built predominantly on the ideals of attack and defence. with this in mind, its inner chassis was outfitted with very thick armour unlike many other robots of its type, which gave it great resistance even to weapons.

Crabsolutely Clawful | King Of Bots Wiki | Fandom

Crabsolutely clawful isritish featherweight robot which competed in the 2018 king of bots uk international championships. built and entered by joe brown, the robot enjoyed limited success in the main championship, where it was eliminated in the qualification rounds after finishing third to shrapnel and aegis, and second to get shrekt in each of its opening battles. crabsolutely.

Anteater | Antweight World Series Wiki | Fandom

Anteater was an antweight created by oliver steeples and hadimilar design to dutch heavyweight tough as nails. anteater first appeared in awsnd made frequent appearance until it was retired for being outclassed in aws 21 having broken down before attempting to compete in aws 22. anteater hadnique ability to be able to fold up and reform itself. it was.

Robot Wars | Prince Of Peoria Wiki | Fandom

Robot wars is the 6th episode of partnd the 14th overall. things start to shortcircuit when emil gets an instant crush on ryan gibson, teddys longtime archrival at the illinois state junior tech fair. gavin lewis as prince emil theodore barnes as teddy jackson shelby simmons as sydney.

Robot Wars Extreme Series 1 Unaired Battle Fandom

Robot wars extreme seriesaseries of special episodes of the television game show robot wars. they were broadcast from october to december 2001. one of the events was the wild card warriors,eries of oneonone battles betweenobot that had never fought in the main competition and an experienced veteran. sadly this didnt go to plan as not only had two.

Grungust | Super Robot Wars Wiki | Fandom

The grungustlso known as the grungust type1 grungust ichishiki or choutoushi grungust super fighter grungust isanpresto original mecha, debuting in the 4th super robot wars. it is the starting point of the grungust series, one of the most prominent mecha linage in super robot wars and had.

Monsoon | Battlebots Wiki | Fandom

Monsoon iseavyweight robot hailing from the united kingdom, which competed in discovery seasonsndf the battlebots reboot. the team also applied for discovery seasonsnd 6, but had to withdraw both times due to covid19 travel restrictions. it iswowheel drive, black and blue robot armed withowerful vertical spinning weapon made from hardox 500 and.

Detrimental | Banter Wars Wikia | Fandom

Detrimental isobot made by fightingbotinformal. it will appear in series 2.5 andf banter wars. it islackcoloured cage spinner armed with six swordstyled blades arranged inriangle. detrimental is unique in that if is flipped onto its side, it will flail about the arena and selfright or damage opponents. during testing, detrimental beat most of doodles robots,.

Gundam In Super Robot Wars | The Gundam Wiki | Fandom

Overview. super robot wars iseries of turnbased tactical rpgs, usually featuring the characters, machines, and storylines from several different anime series. these are usually shows produced by gundam creator sunrise, and typically all involve the use of mecha. however, influential works from other production companies such as neon genesis evangelion have.